WoundLyzer wound shower for sterile, painless wound cleansing at home

Painless wound treatment of chronic wounds such as open legs, 1st and 2nd degree burns, perineal and caesarean sections. Practically infinitely sterile water, temperature-controlled and gentle application. Certified medical product for outpatient wound washing.

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Finally painless, sterile wound cleansing - terminal hollow fibre membrane filter for providing sterile filtered tap water for wound irrigation.
[Choose one of the two variants: The variant 1 month standing time for a maximum of 1 month treatment. The variant 2 months standing time for longer treatments]

ABSOLUTELY STERILE ACCORDING TO THE STRICT SPECIFICATIONS OF THE ROBERT KOCH INSTITUTEProven use in clinics, nursing homes and at home. This wound shower produces sterile filtered water through terminal sterile filters with a hollow fibre membrane. Even the smallest water bacterium, Brevundimonas diminuta, is reliably retained by the 7 log stages. This corresponds to the FDA definition of sterile filtered water.

GENTLE AND STERILE WOUND TREATMENT: Compared to rinsing solutions, with wound showers water is available in unlimited quantities, the rinsing water can be tempered and rinsing pressure can be regulated. This is a great advantage, especially for chronic wounds, and enables almost joke-free cleansing of wounds.

EASY TO INSTALL AND CONVENIENT TO CHANGE: Simply screw the shower head onto the previous shower hose. After showering, we recommend cleaning with the enclosed disinfectant wipes.

CE-MARKED MEDICAL PRODUCT WITH RELIABLE PROTECTION: Safe removal of pseudomonads, legionella and other water germs. The hygienic design and the coating of the jet disc with copper provide additional protection against retrograde contamination.

PROMOTES WOUND HEALING: Wound irrigation is used to cleanse and moisturise chronic, acute and infected skin wounds. They can also be used on burns after medical consultation.


In the clinical and outpatient setting, the irrigation of chronic wounds with sterile-filtered water is recommended.sterile-filtered water is recommended as it offers advantages over conventional irrigation solutions and their application.

Water for wound irrigation is available in unlimited quantities, the temperature of the irrigation water can be adjusted and the irrigation pressure can be regulated. The shower jet provides a gentle and almost painless mechanical cleaning effect is achieved.

Despite high drinking water requirements, water-loving microorganisms can settle in the pipe system and form a biofilm. Reasons for this are often poorly insulated water pipes, the lowering of the hot water temperature or also an insufficient water flow. Biofilm formation can cause microbial contamination of the tap water with pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa cannot be ruled out.

According to the recommendations of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention at the Robert Koch Institute on "Infection prevention in homes"(RKI/2005; 6.4.1.Wound dressings) and on "Andemands on hygiene in the medical care of immunocompromised patients"(RKI/2010), every wound irrigation fluid must be sterile or 0.2 µm filtered water must be used. This sterile filtered water can be reliably provided from tap water by using terminal sterile filters such as this wound shower.

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