Under sink water filter


Under sink water filter: Comfortable. Easy to install.

Water filter against limescale, pollutants and bacteria and viruses. 


Under sink waterfilter kit bestseller


Complete water filtration system for the kitchen

Removes bacteria, raw deposits, pollutants and microplastics in the water. Installation at the corner valve under the sink, 5-year warranty, Made in Germany

Undercounter water filter kitchen ready for installation

Under sink water filter for your kitchen

Under-sink water filters for the kitchen are installed under the sink and can be used with a separate spout tap, with a 3-way tap or a new conventional tap.

Under-sink water filter units are located out of sight and can therefore be larger and more complex than countertop water filters. These systems have a long filter life and can filter a wide variety of contaminants. All your cold water will be filtered. Here you should pay particular attention to activated carbon filters that have a high water flow rate (SPFP filter cartridges have hardly any pressure loss and filter very well in the process).

In addition to an under-sink filter, you need a filter cartridge and an outlet tap or a special fitting. Choose the drinking water filter, filter cartridge and tap or special fitting according to your personal taste and need.

If you live in a block of flats, we can recommend the installation of an additional AquaStop, which switches off the water supply in the event of leaks.

We are happy to advise you on the right water filter from carbonit or sanquell. 


Three simple installation variants for under-sink water filters for the kitchen

The water filters for installation under the sink are characterised by a high level of convenience right from the installation stage. The ready-to-install under-sink water filters from carbonit and Sanquell are installed in no time. 2 screws in the wall, the connection hoses screwed to the angle valve and to the water tap are easy to implement even for laymen The sink and the kitchen table remain free of complex hose connections to the water tap. Depending on the installation situation, it may not be necessary to fit another tap, let alone drill holes in the kitchen worktop.

Under-sink water filter with existing tap

Option A: Connect to existing tap

You can simply continue to use your own tap if you use a water filter that allows enough water flow. We recommend the SOLO Superpure water filter with up to 8 litres of water flow.
Under-sink water filter housing with separate tap

Option B: Separate tap

With Carbonit VARIO, a separate water tap is included. This makes sense because the enclosed NFP filter cartridge filters about 2-3 litres per minute.
Under-sink water filter with 3-way tap

Option C: Use 3-way water tap

This convenient solution allows you to use a water tap for cold/hot/filtered water. You save a borehole for the separate tap and it is ensured that the filter water gets its own pipe to the outlet. We offer 3-way stainless steel taps as well as low-cost alternatives.


If you use a low-pressure boiler or instantaneous water heater, the under-sink water filter simply needs to be installed in front of it.






Why drinking plenty of water is healthy and how to easily meet your daily needs

Water is the most abundant substance on Earth, so it can't be a coincidence that it's the most important elixir for all living things. Even on alien planets, the search for extraterrestrial existence always looks for water first. Where there is water, life can take place.


Water as multi-talent and monopolist

The chemical compound H2O is capable of binding other substances to itself and transporting them from one place to another. It is a so-called carrier, i.e. the postman, so to speak, for all the packages that are essential for survival and supply the body with useful and useless substances. If water were a company, its advertising slogan could sound something like this: "H2O - your logistics company, delivery service and waste disposal for all cases! We organise your system. Sip by sip!"


A balanced water supply

That is why drinking water is important. The human organism needs about 2.5 litres a day for this internal cleaning process. Depending on how much fluid is ingested through fruit and vegetables, more or less. In theory, this requirement sounds logical and easy to meet, but in everyday life it often looks different. Unfortunately, not every liquid that seems to quench the thirst actually enriches our daily needs.


Not every drink counts!

On the contrary, soft drinks or alcohol actually deplete the body of important nutrients and fluids as they break down. Caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemical additives have a strong dehydrating effect. The water originally contained in soft drinks, juices and cocktails is no longer absorbent; it can no longer transport nutrients or harmful substances out of the body. For this vital process, we need fresh, pure water.


Why is an under-sink water filter useful?

The motto is: the more natural, the best. Since not everyone is blessed with a fresh water source in the garden, a sanquell water filter can literally hold a candle to this quality. The sanquell under-sink water filter for the kitchen is either installed under the sink in the kitchen and ensures refreshingly clean water from the tap. The matching activated carbon filters manage to absorb unwanted particles and pollutants from the tap water. Because yes, unfiltered tap water contains more chemical additives than we would like.



On Instagram, over 800k posts have been published with the hashtag #StayHydrated. The community uses the digital platform to motivate themselves to drink enough. And it works quite wonderfully. Among them are simple recipes and tips on how to make ordinary water more exciting. Aroma therapy, green tea or rather fresh mint-cucumber-lemon slices? The water variations are endlessly creative and make a difference not only in terms of taste, but also visually.


Thirst is a bad sign

Most people drink too little. Dehydration is a socially widespread phenomenon and means that the body is undersupplied. And with everything, because without water, nothing works. In order for the human organism to remain healthy, the need for water must be urgently met. When the feeling of thirst sets in, it is often already too late and further deficiency symptoms set in. It can happen that you forget to drink because of the stress of everyday life and distractions. But this should not be a permanent state. With a few tricks and aids, you can easily remember to drink during the course of the day. It takes an average of 60 days to get into the habit of a new routine. So let's start right away:


How to have a fluid morning routine

Whoever drinks 0.5 litres of water directly after getting up supports waking up from the inside. This is because the organs are activated by supplying them with fresh water. It is best to immediately fill up a large bottle (without softeners, preferably made of glass or TRITAN) with freshly filtered drinking water and mark the intervals with times for regular drinking. It is also helpful if this bottle is in sight and always within reach. It makes sense to get into the habit of routines that integrate drinking water into everyday life. For example, you could start drinking a glass of water before every meal. This would have the additional effect of reducing hunger. The assumption that water dilutes stomach acid is irrelevant to digestion. The stomach regulates its acid production individually, according to need. Water actually aids digestion, because the fibre in the food can swell better and thus slide into the intestine more easily.


Water helps digestion.


Virtual hydration - there's an app for everything

Forgetting to drink in everyday life gives you the following options: You can set your mobile phone alarm clock to remind you as a reminder. There are even extra apps for this that specialise in human water balance. Mobile applications such as "Hydro Coach" (Google Play) or the "Trink Wecker" (App Store) make it easy to remember to drink enough water in everyday life.


Drinking can be so simple. Have fun trying it out!