Carbonit SanUNO table-top filter with NFP cartridge SanUno Classic

The inexpensive entry for water filters at the tap - for home and on the road

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Inexpensive and quick to install: SanUno Classic table-top filter from CARBONIT®.

✔️ Proven carbonit table-top filter ✔️ Inexpensive entry  ✔️ Complete set with award-winning NFP cartridge.

Inexpensive, quickly installed, handy, flexible and of course 100% CARBONIT® quality. Simply screw it onto the tap with the special adapter - done.
With the purchase of the Carbonit Sanuno filter unit, the enjoyment of the finest drinking water begins - ideal for enjoying spring-clear drinking water at home. Tea and coffee in particular achieve a significantly better taste thanks to the filtering of taste-impairing substances. 

The supplied NFP filter cartridge also ensures the removal of pollutants, heavy metals, hormones and medicines from the drinking water.


Quick filter change for the table-top water filter

Simply unscrew the filter housing and replace the filter cartridge. Then screw it shut and flush it briefly.

Dimensions of the table-top water filter housing Sanuno 

Weight: dry approx. 1,3kg, wet approx. 2,1kg
Size: filter unit without connections (W x H x D) 120 x 290 x 122
Length: of the connection hose ca.90cm


Performance of the supplied NFP filter cartridge

At a water pressure of 4bar: up to 120 litres per hour


Supplied filter cartridge

1 x CARBONIT® Monoblock NFP Premium-9 | Activated Carbon Block Filter for high protection against bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, polar pesticides and drug residues, removes unwanted colour, taste and odour substances


complete scope of delivery for immediate filtering:

- SanUNO table-top housing complete
with connection hose and special diverter valve
with adapter for internal thread
- 1 NFP Premium -9 filter insert

 Do not connect behind unpressurised hot water tanks or shower hose fittings. In these cases we recommend the use of the VARIO or the SOLO Superpure.

Item number 650

Carbonit Sanuno product drawing

Carbonit manual for Sanuno


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