counter top filter


Counter top water filters from carbonit: inexpensive, handy and perfect for taking along on trips


Counter top water filters are the ideal introduction to water filtration:

  • Quickly installed on any standard tap 
  • The compact design makes them ideal for travelling or taking along to second homes and holiday homes
  • Also the addition of water vitalisers is possible


The table-top water filters are mounted directly on the water tap. The aerator is simply unscrewed from the tap and replaced with the enclosed adapter.

The advantages of a table-top water filter:

  • ideal start
  • installed in a few minutes
  • especially suitable for use in rented accommodation (no drilling or conversion necessary)
  • connects directly to existing taps
  • can be switched between normal and filtered water
  • can be taken along on trips or to holiday homes
  • easy filter change


Countertop water filter carbonit Sanuno

Countertop water filter: installed directly on the tap

Auftischgeräte ("On the table with it") are inexpensive, handy, flexible and can be installed quickly by yourself:
Simply remove the outlet strainer on the tap and connect the supplied adapter - done. With a small lever you decide when the water should be filtered. 


The ideal starter for water filters


The high-quality "Sanuno" table-top filter  from the German manufacturer carbonit consists of a sturdy housing as well as matching connections for the tap. 

Carbonit Sanuno - including NFP filter cartridge

The manufacturer carbonit already includes the NFP filter cartridge, which has been certified and tested several times. So you can enjoy filtered water straight away. Due to the standardised size, other filter cartridges can also be used. Feel free to take a look at our filter cartridges on offer.

The countertop water filter as a mobile solution


If you are going on a trip, take the water filter with you. The compact design makes this completely uncomplicated.

The water filter can be used as a mobile solution.

Swirler with a table-top water filter


Table-top water filter units can be supplemented with a turbulator - also called a vitaliser. This additionally refines the filtered water and makes it taste even fresher and clearer. Feel free to ask us about our vitalisers for water filters 



Are water filters useful for the tap?

For mobile use, for example on (business) trips, water filters for the tap are practical. Thanks to their compact design, they can be packed away quickly and provide good water everywhere. 

The advantages of a faucet water filter are:
+ compact design
+ mobile and can be used on the go
+ consistent stability 

The disadvantages of a water filter for the tap are:
- low service life (usually only up to 1,000 litres)
- low flow rate (often 0.5 litres per minute)
- the tap must only have standard sizes (22. 24 or 28 thread)
- relatively expensive compared to other water filters


We recommend using our countertop water filter housings as a possible alternative. With this, you will experience the convenience of fast filtration at a low initial cost. In addition, the standard size water filter cartridges are readily available at any time and worldwide. So you are not necessarily dependent on the manufacturer, as is predominantly the case with water filters for the water tap.


Important info for use with low-pressure boilers


Please DO NOT use a countertop water filter with low-pressure boilers, always use an undersink water filter, otherwise the low-pressure boiler may break.


How to tell if you have a low-pressure boiler


If two pipes come out of the wall (hot and cold) and go directly into the tap, these are normal (high-pressure) pipes. It is very likely that table-top water filters can be used


If there is an instantaneous water heater under the sink and 3 water pipes are visible, it is most likely a low-pressure boiler. In this case, our under-sink water filters are suitable.