Water detector with shut-off AQUA STOP 3/8 inch

Sensor with automatic interruption of cold water supply in case of water leakage, prevents water damage

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AQUA STOP - automatic closure of the water inlet in case of water leakage.

Every washing machine has an AquaStop to prevent water damage. This prevents damage, fungus or other structural damage. This device is the "AquaStop for taps, water filters or other water-carrying appliances". Due to the simple installation behind the corner valve, damage caused by other devices such as water filters or a defective tap can be directly prevented.

MAXIMUM SAFETY AGAINST WATER DAMAGE: Water damage often happens when no one is in the house. So it is important to stop the water supply immediately and not just sound an alarm if you want to secure your belongings. Every year, water damage in Germany amounts to over 1 billion euros. Prevent financial strain and the hassle of dealing with homeowners or insurance companies.

FULLY AUTOMATIC FORCED CLOSING OF THE WATER INLET: The solid, magnetic ball valve closes immediately when the sensor comes into contact with water. The solenoid valve can then be opened again manually via a button.

LOW COST & low INSTALLATION EXPENSEInstallation should ideally be close to the angle valve so that all subsequent connections can be switched off automatically. This water sensor is also suitable for under-sink water filters. The standard 3/8" connections usually fit into any water pipe in the kitchen without an adapter. The sensor is placed where leaking water is expected to flow.

VISUAL AND AUDIBLE ALARMAs soon as the sensor detects water, a signal tone and a visual signal are displayed. So you are warned immediately.

EXTREMELY ROBUST AND VERSATILE: From -20degrees to +80 Celsius ambient temperature at a maximum pressure of 6 bar, this water sensor with shut-off valve offers reliable protection against the consequences of a water leak.



Time and again, water leaks occur in kitchen installations for various reasons. This is particularly annoying when it causes damage to your own belongings or even affects other parties.
We have finally found a device that prevents this damage.

Our AQUA STOP is installed in the cold water supply in the kitchen and contains a stop valve. As soon as the sensor lying on the floor comes into contact with water, the device closes immediately.

This provides protection against material fatigue, possible installation errors or even unforeseeable pressure waves in the pipe network.

This protection extends to all installations downstream of the valve. This is why it is advisable to mount it directly on the angle valve. Due to standard 3/8" connections, the AQUA STOP usually fits directly to any kitchen water pipe without an adapter.

The Sanquell AQUA STOP offers you good protection against unforeseen leaks - regardless of the cause.


Item number 136

Technical data:

  • Connections: 3/8" thread on both sides
  • Pressure: max. 6 bar
  • Cable length: approx. 1.5 metres
  • Operating temperature: 5° - 60
  • Power supply: 9-volt block battery (not included)
  • An acoustic signal sounds in case of water contact or low battery: the valve is closed automatically


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