SOLO UT Quick drinking water filter with Superpure PLUS water filter

The modular expandable under-sink water filter for the kitchen including high-performance water filter

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The convenient undercounter water filter (UT) for treating tap water including Sanquell SPFP PLUS cartridge 

  • QUICK TO INSTALL: Unpack, installed easily and almost invisibly in the base cabinet in just a few minutes. The compact size also makes it suitable for small base cabinets. Immediately receive filtered drinking water. 
  • INCLUDES OUR BEST ACTIVE COOLING FILTER: With an extremely fine filtration of 0.15µm, bacteria, pollutants and unpleasant tastes are retained - and with a barely changed water flow of up to 6 litres per minute. Filtering of chlorine, lead, bacteria, copper, asbestos, pesticides as well as heavy metals is possible comfortably and safely due to the activated carbon with hollow fibre membrane. Due to the standard size, you can also use other water filters of the carbonit or Alvito brands.
  • MODULAR EXTENSIONS: With one click, you can connect additional filters through the quick couplings. Add limescale protection or pre-filters for sediments, for example. Thanks to standardised connections, you can also obtain spare parts and supplementary accessories at any time in the future.
  • CERTIFIED WITH 5 YEARS WARRANTY: Every single filter housing is assembled in Germany and leaves our factory only after multiple quality tests. DVGW compliant. The enclosed stainless steel hoses are food-certified and are also used in the beverage industry.
  • EASY AND SAFE FILTER CHANGE: the filter is changed by simply unscrewing the housing with the enclosed quick opener. Safe technology, proven and optimised over many years. Safe use of the high-quality SPFP SUPERPURE cartridge from sanquell with extremely high water flow with high filter effect.


Ready-to-use installation kit included in delivery:

Either the filtered drinking water is taken from a separate tap or through one of our high-quality 3-way taps with separate outlet. Angled stainless steel flex hoses simplify installation and take up very little space under the sink.

  • 1 SOLO UT Quick housing incl. wall bracket
  • with key to open the drinking water filter
  • with angled stainless steel flexible hoses for inlet and outlet - with stopcock and special distributor (DVGW-compliant)
  • with drinking water filter change indicator
  • Water filter cartridge SPFP with extremely good 0.15µm pore size and high water flow rate of up to 6 litres per minute 


Highest quality without pressure loss - The SPFP Superpure water filter

Our Superpure filter cartridge (SPFP PLUS) consists of an activated carbon block and an integrated capillary membrane.
Made in Europe.

  • VERY HIGH FILTER INTENSITY: 0.15 µm (activated carbon: 5 µm + hollow fibre membrane 0.15 µm) - particularly suitable for preparing baby food, drinking water as well as water use with water sprinklers.
  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE WATER FLOW: With approx. 6 litres per minute, you hardly feel any pressure loss despite extremely fine filtration. OPTIMAL SAFETY: This water filter contains more activated carbon than competitor products - bacteria, lead, hormones and other pollutants in drinking water are filtered safely.
  • REFINING WATER: Due to the good water flow, this SPFP Superpure filter is especially suitable for vitalising and turbulence of drinking water.
  • FITS FOR: Carbonit SanUNO and VARIO HP, Sanquell SOLO AT and SOLO UT.

It primarily removes unwanted colour, taste and odour substances from gases, vapours and liquids.
With the sintered activated carbon block filter, scientifically tested according to German standards, incomparable filtration results are achieved.
Pathogenic germs are reliably retained by membrane filtration.

This filter insert works in the field of microfiltration.


As always in life, the motto is: He who buys cheap, buys expensive. It seems tempting to buy a cheap water filter. You think nothing of it, what could happen, a filter is just a filter and the tap water in this country can't be that dirty. But with this train of thought you are on the wrong track...


Water pressure in no time at all

The SPFP Superpure water filter is not just about removing a high level of impurities, but rather about overall performance. This cartridge manages to pump up to 6 litres into the tap, while simple models can only treat 2 litres. So you pay for time and nerves when the water pressure suffers from the use of the filter. There's hardly anything more unpleasant than water that splashes sloppily in the kitchen, is there?


Why is the SPFP Superpure water filter useful?

Germany's tap water is good. But the SPFP Superpure water filter makes it even better. And this filter deserves its complex name, because it is the sports car among water filters. Its high filtration of 0.2µm was originally designed for disaster areas and thus brings every household to a new level.

To give you an idea of how the contained activated carbon block filter is constructed, you can imagine an area of about 20 football fields. This gigantic size is more than sufficientto reliably remove bacteria, heavy pollutants andbacteria, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and other pollutants..


Pollutant-free and carefree preparation of baby food

Baby Lives Matter - the still so innocent young life of a child is decisively shaped by its first food. Of course, parents want to do everything right, but it is very inconvenient to always boil the tap water before every meal and then wait for the perfect temperature. Due to the careful filtration of the SPFP Superpure filter, the drinking water very suitable for the preparation of baby food.. Thanks to its reliable technology, you can without hesitation and you don't need to buy extra baby water.

Membrane filtration - disaster protection for the home

This filter also protects home kitchens from small catastrophes. Assuming a water pipe has not been used for a very long time or is heavily rusted, the likelihood of contaminants and bacteria is much higher. Old buildings are also often equipped with water pipes that contaminate the drinking water.

With its sintered, according to German standardscientifically tested activated carbon block filter, unparalleled filtrationincomparable filtration results are are achieved. Pathogenic germs are reliably retained by the special membrane filtration. So you play it safe with the SPFP Superpure water filter. And you can taste it too.


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