Lime Compact Carbonite Kalk Kompakt

Limescale filter reliably removes limescale from drinking water | better taste | protects kettle | with downstream activated carbon for additional filtration of pollutants and sediments

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The perfect solution against limescale

  • SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN TASTE: Ideal for cold and hot drinks (especially aroma improvement of coffee and tea), supports the preparation of healthy dishes
  • PROTECTS HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES: Kettles and other appliances are no longer attacked by limescale.
  • SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION OF WATER HARDNESS: combined activated carbon ion exchange resin cartridge the ion exchange resin first reduces the total hardness of the water, the downstream activated carbon block (10µm) removes dissolved pollutants, odour and taste impairments as well as particles up to 10µm in size the silver coating of the activated carbon ensures hygienic safety.
  • INCLUDING ACTIVATED CARBON FOR FILTERING POLLUTANTS: The activated carbon ion exchange resin cartridge combines the special filtering properties of a sintered activated carbon block (filters all elements over 10µm) and softens the water through ion exchange resin.
  • FIT FOR: Carbonit Vario, Carbonit Sanuno and SANQUELL SOLO series as well as many others.

Limescale - the big problem in 75% of households

The lime compact filters work according to the ion exchange principle: Calcium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. The water becomes noticeably softerDrinks with drinking water (coffee, tea, own soft drinks) become more more aromatic. The costs for this are reasonable and are about 0.02 euros per filtered litre of water.

And the highlight:After decalcification, the downstream activated carbon additionally retains pollutants and particles up to 10µm dissolved in the drinking water.



Item number 740

Water flow

Reduced to 1.9 litres/minute for sufficient contact time and descaling

Filter fineness


Service life

max. 6 months. Replacement takes place when typical limescale deposits become visible. Depending on the hardness of the water, up to 1,900 litres of filter water.

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Filter cartridge

Water hardness test strip

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