Legionella filter

Legionella filter shower head - stop legionella immediately.


Legionella Filter - Showering Despite Legionella

Sterile filters for immediate protection in case of legionella infestation

For use in
✓ apartments 
✓ hotels ✓ accommodation ✓ public facilities ✓ retirement homes ✓ private homes

What are legionella bacteria?

Legionella occurs as rod-shaped bacteria in drinking water. Some of the legionella types can cause serious diseases. Residents who are found to have legionella bacteria in their drinking water are at risk of serious infection.

Legionella is a bacteria that can cause serious illness.

Legionella bacteria are everywhere there is water - in showerheads, water pipes, sewage treatment plants, whirlpools and other facilities. They love stagnant water and water temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees Celsius. They then exponentially multiply and can enter the lungs via fine water droplets in the air (aerosols) 
The daily showering, operation and cleaning of medical-technical equipment for respiratory/air humidification and inhalation are thus a source of infection for the life-threatening Legionella disease.

The shower head with legionella filter and our legionella filter for the tap are the IMMEDIATE PROTECTION in case of positive legionella infestation. Simply installed, this medical grade product offers advanced membrane technology that safely retains Legionella bacteria and allows showering and water use even during a positive Legionella finding. 


How long do legionella filters last?

One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers is the service life of the Legionella filters.

The Silt Density Index (SDI) is a measure of the number of particles in the water. With an average silt density, the Legionella filter will last 8 weeks to 6 months if the SDI value is 4.

SDI < 5 min-1: Pre-filtration is not necessary
SDI = 5 min-1 - 10 min-1: Simple filtration (e.g. with sand) is recommended
SDI >10 min-1: Multi-stage pre-cleaning is necessary.

The SDI value can only be determined directly on site. After thermal disinfection, the SDI rises sharply. Let the warm water run at the sink for at least 5 minutes before using the legionella filter shower head afterwards.

As a hotel or public facility, our shower heads are particularly suitable. The discreet chrome design allows use after the successful sanitation measures even without a legionella filter. In case of renewed legionella infestation, a replacement filter is simply reinserted. Especially for hotels, accommodations, care facilities or other administrations this leads to immense cost savings, as rooms do not have to be blocked for a longer period of time. 

Cleaning the Legionella shower head

The Legionella shower head can be cleaned with vinegar & water, just like any shower head. You should carry out this procedure when changing the filter if there is no legionella filter in the shower head. This way there is no risk of damaging the legionella filter in the shower head.


Legionella filter for washbasins and bathtubs

Our Legionella filters for the sink also consist of terminal filters that comply with sterile filtration. To use them, you must purchase the complete kit when you first order them, which includes a safety adapter. When changing the filter later, this ensures that no contaminated water can leak out.  

Sterile water filter against legionella

The sterile water filters used retain 99.99999% of all legionella. The filter technology used is also used in wound showers to prevent contamination with bacteria. 


Legionella filter with Europe-wide delivery

Whether Legionella filters in Madrid, Legionella shower heads for Paris or Rom. With our Europe-wide warehouses, we can send you the legionella filters to the place of use within the shortest possible time - sometimes on the same day. Whether Turin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Warsaw - our sophisticated logistics network provides legionella relief in an express service.  

Video Legionella infestation (German TV - SWR Marktcheck)

In its programme Marktcheck, SWR interviewed people affected by symptoms such as low spirits, headaches or even pneumonia. 



The CFU values in the test result as first orientation

Certified samplers take water samples at defined points and send them to the laboratory. The evaluated bacterial density is given in CFU/100ml. Depending on the result health protection measures are immediately necessary.

CFU/100ML > 0 AND < 100 > 100 AND < 1,000 > 1000 AND < 10,000 OVER 10,000
measures required


Reading example: The value 1,200 CFU/100ML requires immediate action and constitutes a health hazard.