Legionella filter shower head SAFETY CHROM with replaceable legionella filter

IMMEDIATE PROTECTION in the event of a positive legionella infection. Safely prevent the shower ban from the health authority. In accordance with DVGW TWIN 12 recommendations. Express delivery possible. Checklist and guide included. Extra protection due to built-in non-return valve

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✔️Showering despite legionella ✔️according to TWIN 12 ✔️Prevents shower ban ✔️Inexpensive replacement filters 

One of the best-selling legionella filters in Germany. Provides you with immediate protection against the dangerous legionella, even even in the case of heavy legionella infestation (over 10,000 KBE).
During a legionella infestation, the use of a legionella filter is a sensible and effective protection for the whole family. Especially when showering, the aerosols can get the life-threatening germs into the lungs. This shower head reliably filters the threatening bacteria and thus prevents infection and the outbreak of Legionnaires' disease or Pontiac fever.


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Legionella filter shower head

Safe showering. From medical technology. Tested by laboratories.

The replaceable legionella filter retains 99.99999% (log7) of all legionella. Independent laboratories confirm the reduction performance and thus safe showering in case of legionella infestation. The shower head and the legionella filter comply with the TWIN 12 recommendation.
Shower head of the legionella shower with comfort jet regulators

Comfortable 5-jet settings

Renouncing comfort? Not necessary. The elegant shower head is equipped with 5 comfort jet settings. From massage to rain - you don't have to do without anything.
Install legionella filter without plumber

Mounting? Simply connect it to your own shower hose yourself

You don't need a plumber - just unscrew the old shower head and screw on the anti-legionella shower head. Thanks to the standardised connection, no special tools or adapters are required.  

Easy change of the legionella filter

Easy filter change - without replacing the shower head.

Filter closes slowly. When restraint is no longer possible, it closes completely. By unscrewing the shower head, you can replace the internal legionella filter yourself. The service life depends on the biomass with the retained legionella.  It must be replaced after 6 months at the latest. You can dispose of the old legionella filter in the household waste.
Express delivery of legionells shower head

Reliable express delivery in small and large quantities

Waiting for days until you can shower again? No, we deliver immediately. As one of the largest suppliers of legionella filter products, we have constantly filled our warehouses sufficiently and can offer you small and large purchase quantities at short notice;
free Ebook Legionella risk management

Including checklists, templates and important information on Legionella

What you have to do immediately in case of legionella infestation, helpful checklists, notices for hallways and  Links to health authorities and current laws we provide you with right away as a free e-book "Legionella infestation - What you have to do now!" (german language).

[VIDEO] Showering despite legionella: Installation and filter change

Shower again immediately: Safely circumventing the shower ban

The health authority regularly checks for legionella and imposes a shower ban in the event of a legionella infestation. You can avoid this ban by installing the "Safety Chrome" shower filter. This is very simple: remove the old shower head, screw on the new SAFETY shower head.
The ultra-fine membrane technology reduces the possibility of legionella bacteria coming out of your shower head. The SAFETY legionella shower filter does not require a service life, as is sometimes stated by other companies. The membrane filter safely filters out the legionella at all times.

legionella filter replacement

Replaceable legionella filter;

The enclosed microfilter insert ("terminal legionella filter") is replaced when the pressure decreases or no longer allows water to pass through. It depends on how often you shower and how much sediment is in the water.

Scope of delivery includes replacement shower filter insert:

  • SAFETY shower head, chrome-coloured (built-in non-return valve for extra protection).
  • with exchangeable Shower filter insert against legionella




"How long do I have to run water with legionella"?
When using a shower head with a legionella filter, you are immediately protected without running water.

"How long does the legionella filter last?"
The duration depends on the nature of the water. According to a standardised test procedure (ASTM F838-05), the sterile filter must be replaced after 1,200 litres. The legionella filter consists of 0.15µm pores. For comparison: a hair on the head has a thickness of 80µm, i.e. it is 500 times thicker. These ultra-fine pores reliably prevent the tiny legionella from penetrating. The service life is therefore individually dependent on sediments in the own pipes (rust, biomass, ...).

"What happens when the legionella filter is "full"?"
The pressure decreases progressively until the filter closes completely. At the latest then you should buy an inexpensive replacement filter filter.

"Where can I get a replacement filter?"
You can purchase the inexpensive legionella filter from us at any time: Click here for the replacement filter.

"How safe is the legionella shower head?"
About 99.99999% of legionella are safely retained - this is called "log7", which corresponds to sterile filtration. The shower head has been certified through various tests and, according to TWIN12, can circumvent the shower ban from the health department.  

Will the shower head fit my shower hose?
The connection complies with the worldwide standard of 1/2 inch thread.


Item number 140

Technical data of the Anti Legionella Shower Head

Anti-Legionella Shower Head "SAFETY  
½" thread
270 x 80 x 50 mm
Housing: ABS, chrome-plated
Legionella filter (exchangeable replacement cartridge)  
Membrane type
Microfilter membranes; asymmetric, hydrophilic capillaries
Retention of legionella
99.99999% (log 7)
tested according to:
ASTM F838-05

+/- 1,200 litres

Max.working pressure:        
5bar (75psi)

Max. operating temperature:   
60 degrees

Flow rate:          7 litres / min at 2 bar

** Lifetime depends on local water conditions, amount of microparticles (SDI) and pre-filtration. SDI measured according to ASTM D4189-95. European directives require replacement of the filter cartridge after 6 months.


Due to its nature, the SAFETY replacement legionella filter is excluded from exchange once it has been used.


GTIN 13 4260206241409

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