carbonit VARIO HP Classic under-sink filter with NFP Premium filter cartridge and elegant AROSA water tap Vario HP Classic

Best-selling under-sink water filter from carbonit including NFP water filter and water tap

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Carbonit VARIO HP Classic under-sink water filter  - including water filter and tap

✔️ Proven carbonit technology at a top price ✔️ Convenient under the sink ✔️ Complete set



DRINKING WATER STRAIGHT FROM THE TAP: The VARIO-HP Classic water filter system is connected directly under the sink or worktop - for the simplest water treatment in the household. Can also be used for high lead and copper concentrations. Very suitable for the preparation of drinks, cooking water, preparation of baby food etc.

IMPROVED WATER QUALITY: The activated carbon filter reliably cleans the tap water and frees it from pollutants, bacteria, heavy metals such as lead and copper.

READY-TO-CONNECT COMPLETE SET: The under-sink drinking water filter can be easily and quickly installed under the sink. 

WATER TAP INCLUDED: the beautifully designed water tap for filter water extraction with swivelling spout and single-lever handle is included with the VARIO-HP Classic under-sink filter.

TÜV TESTED: The filter system with NFP Premium 9 cartridge has a flow rate of approx. 2-3 litres per minute and cleans the water with a fineness of 0.45 µm.



How does the filter technology of the supplied NFP cartridge work?

The activated carbon is treated with oxygen, which creates millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms.
This process creates many binding sites to which the pollutants adhere.

The process of adsorption is the only known filtration process that succeeds in selectively filtering foreign substances from drinking water.






Dimensions of the under-sink unit and accessories

  • Weight: Carbonit VARIO HP Classic: dry approx. 2.4kg, wet approx. 3.5kg
  • Size in cm: filter unit without connections (W x H x D) 123 x 310 x 115
    Length of the flexible hoses: 2 pieces each 80cm
  • Alternatively, you can connect a 3-way fitting to the hose with 3/8" union nut.


Filter performance of the supplied carbonit NFP cartridge

At a water pressure of 4 bar up to 3 litres/minute with a filter fineness of 0.45µm.

You want up to 8 litres water pressure and 3x higher filter performance? Then the SOLO Superpure under-sink water filter could be the right one for you.



All parts required for the installation of the water filter are included in the scope of delivery;
For the separate water tap, only a hole needs to be made in the worktop or sink.

  • 1 VARIO HP Classic housing with screw caps on the housing
    complete connection material: T-piece, shut-off ball valve, stainless steel flexible hoses (80cm)
  • 1 wall bracket
  • 1 filter cartridge CARBONIT® Monoblock NFP Premium
  • 1 water tap AROSA

Installation carbonit VARIO under-sink water filter

The filter unit is simply inserted after the angle valve, branching off from the cold water pipe. The elegant AROSA tap is included with the Vario-HP Classic for water extraction via a separate tap.

The usual cold water pressure at the existing tap is maintained. The enclosed stainless steel flexible hoses ensure precise installation in any kitchen situation;

Filter change carbonit VARIO under-sink water filter

The Carbonit Vario-HP comes with an NFP Premium cartridge with activated carbon monoblock. This has a flow rate of 2-3 litres per minute and can be used for up to 6 months. After that, the cartridge should be replaced. You can change over to other filter cartridges at any time. (for example the SUPERPURE with 3x more flow rate and 3x finer filtration)..

Filter quality and performance of the cartridges from German production are TÜV-tested.

The natural material activated carbon is also subject to constant scientific testing. All raw materials used in the activated carbon filter are residue-controlled and can therefore be used without hesitation.

Item number 660


Pollutant retention* of the NFP Premium

Parameter Reduction Reviewer

Escherichia coli 1
Enterococcus faecalis 1   

99.9% GFT / Uni Bielefeld
Lead 2
Copper 2

TÜV Environment

Chlorine 2
Chloroform 2
Lindane 2
Atrazine 2
tti Magdeburg GmbH/
FH Magdeburg
Drug residues 2
- Clofibric acid
- carbamazepine
- diclofenac
- icuprofen
- ketoprofen
- Propiphenazone
TU Berlin
Polar pesticides 2
- Bentazone
- 2,4 D
- Dichlorprop.
- Mecoprop.
- p.p'-DDA


TU Berlin

1 Test with load over service life of 6 months
2 Test with load over filter capacity of 10,000 litres

*) The GFT/University of Bielefeld also carried out tests for the following pathogenic germs: The retention for all germs was > 99.9%: Bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococus haemolyticus, Enterobacter cloacae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis) Microorganisms (Entamoeba coli, Giardia Lamblia, Cryptosporodium parvum, Hymenolepis nana, Schistosoma mansoni, Ascaris suum) Fungi/ yeasts (Candida albicans, Rhodotorula mucilaginosa, Saccharomyces cerevisae) Furthermore, the TÜV Rheinland/ Berlin-Brandenburg confirmed that the results of the expert reports are reliable and sufficiently transferable to the real use of the cartridge.

GTIN 13 4024875900018

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