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Bellima tea filter - Enjoy your tea like never before


Bellima water clear is the small water filter for clear tea. Quite simple and natural. Even with hard water.



Bellima water fan for clear tea 


If you use hard tap water to brew tea, unsightly membranes form, the tea becomes cloudy, the aroma suffers and there are annoying limescale deposits in the kettle.Dark rims in the cup and pot or even on the gum line are the result. And hard water not only spoils the look: the taste is also strongly affected by chlorine and limescale.

It is worth trying soft water for tea preparation! You won't want to miss the new taste experience!


Frequently asked questions about bellima tea filter


What does the bellima water filter do?

The bellima water filter removes hardness components (calcium, magnesium) from your drinking water. In exchange, pH-neutral potassium ions and citrate are released.

What advantage do I have?

The treated water tastes better and reduces deposits in the kettle. Black teas show significantly less skin formation and cloudiness. Coffee and tea develop a better aroma.

How do I use the bellima water filter?

Bellima water filter are intended for single use. The fan is heated with a maximum of 1 litre of drinking water around the kettle or suspended in cold drinking water for a longer period of time.

What are the bellima water filter made of?

From cellulose, which is gently modified with food additives using a patented process.